Protein Powder

Bodybuilding and protein powder are commonly used in association with each other.

Bodybuilders have been relying on protein powder for many years now in order to obtain the high amounts of protein necessary to build muscle. However protein powder is not just for bodybuilding. Studies have indicated that consuming protein powder on a daily basis can enhance the immune system and promote better healing of injuries. The health of the skin and strength of the muscles can also be improved. Protein is necessary for the body because this is what the muscles and tissues require for proper development.

The human body also cannot store protein anywhere and hence it has to be ingested through the diet. The protein requirement is so essential that is comes second only to that of water. Most diets that consist of varied foods incorporate protein. Even vegan diets are known to supply protein to the body. Some people prefer supplementing their protein intake through protein shakes and other protein supplements.

Protein powders are composed of some basic ingredients, namely whey, soy, rice and egg. Some powders may also constitute a combination of these ingredients. In addition, protein powders may be added to cereal, soups, stews and baked foods.

Nutrition facts protein powder –

Protein powder is meant to be consumed on a daily basis as a dietary supplement. Even individuals who are not into bodybuilding can begin their day with a protein powder shake. This will provide many nutritional benefits to the body. Some experts recommend ingesting protein throughout the day. However, giving the body a boost of protein every morning helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels for the rest of the day. Certain pros and cons come to light when diets for weight loss and protein powder are used together. Firstly, protein powder helps to fulfill the protein needs of the body. It is also quite convenient and constitutes a quick protein fix. It can also help to satisfy cravings since they are available in many different flavors. However, protein powders are not usually included in fat loss diets since weight loss is determined by the total number of calories consumed and beverages are not taken into account by the body. Those who rely too much on protein powder also are not learning to eat properly and hence may face problems with their weight once they are off the diet. But the calories in protein powder are very less and hence it is commonly recommended for bodybuilders who follow low glycemic index diets. It is advisable to consider the nutrition facts of protein powder before adding it to the daily diet.

Protein Supplements –

Some evidence is indicative that excess protein taken regularly may be unhealthy for people with kidney or liver problems.

The recommended daily intake depends upon the age, weight and activity level of the individual. There are also a number of different types of protein powders available in the market today and one needs to opt for the one that best suits their nutritional requirements. There are also many protein powder recipes one can try out. A quick and easy high protein meal involves adding a scoop of protein powder to cooked oatmeal. It is advisable to add some water as the protein powder may thicken the dish. You may also add some chopped fruit and nuts. Another easy protein powder meal consists of combining a scoop of protein powder and one cup of cottage cheese. For people who require a great deal of calories for bulking up, the ideal recipe is a protein milkshake made with a scoop of protein powder, one cup of milk and two scoops of ice cream.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are the most essential supplement for those who want to build muscles and lose weight.

It is considered to be safe and without any side effects. Protein is a very important component of the diet and is necessary for individuals who want to increase muscle mass, lose fat and stay lean. Protein is considered to be the building block of muscle and if there is no adequate intake of protein, the body will be unable to develop muscle. It is possible to derive sufficient amounts of protein from regular food. The recommended intake of protein is one gram of protein per pound of body weight. But it becomes difficult to prepare and consume protein rich foods throughout the day.

Protein shakes prove to be very convenient and easy to prepare. One can make a protein shake in just under two minutes by adding a scoop of protein powder to milk, fruit juice or water. The amount of protein contained in each scoop of the powder is about 17.5 grams. This makes it a more convenient option than regular food. Whey protein shakes constitute a healthy breakfast drink and are easy to prepare since the powders mix easily. For added nutritional benefit add fruits such as kiwi or strawberries.

Whey protein can also be combined with peanut butter and milk to prepare a healthy peanut butter protein shake.

Protein Shake Recipes –
Some of the other popular protein shake recipes include fruit and yogurt protein shake made with strawberries, orange juice, low fat yogurt, skim milk, honey, and whey protein powder. You can also make a lemon cheese cake and strawberry protein shake by adding three scoops of lemon cheese cake ice cream, some strawberries and four eggs to two cups of milk. For a more tropical flavor, add strawberries, banana, mango, protein powder and ice to frozen pina colada mix. The use of protein shake recipes for weight loss is not the healthiest way of fat reduction. This is because although the daily calorie intake may reduce, the body will not get the nutritional benefits of regular foods. Protein also contains calories and hence ingesting too much of it may make it difficult to lose weight. If weight loss is the goal, it is advisable to incorporate healthy foods such as whole grains, lean protein sources, fruits and vegetables in the diet. The key to weight loss is to burn off more calories than what is consumed. Hence regular exercise is also essential.

Low carb protein shake recipes are a great way to reduce sugar intake especially when starting off on a diet. These protein shakes do not use milk and ice cream. Instead cream cheese, sour cream and whipped cream are used to replace the ice cream. In place of milk, soy powder and protein powder are used. The best time to have a protein shake is in the morning as it is quickly and easily digested. These shakes are also excellent after a workout as the muscles need protein to repair and build up. It is important to buy only the best quality protein shake powders as there is a wide variety of powders available in the market today and many of them may be prepared from cheap ingredients. There is also variation in the flavors that protein powders are available in.

Some of the popular flavors include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Individuals who are lactose intolerant may have difficulty in consuming whey protein powder which has 5 to 6 per cent lactose. In such cases, the best option is whey protein isolate which contains less than 1 percent lactose. This is generally tolerated well even by lactose intolerant individuals.

Protein bars

Protein bars are the most reliable and widely available sources of protein.

They are composed of highly nutritional ingredients such as fruits and oats. They are commonly consumed by bodybuilders and athletes since they are low in calories and high in protein. Protein bars were actually derived from high energy power bars. Power bars constituted carbohydrate packed snacks that were designed for people who travelled a lot or who missed meals often. These bars did not become instantly popular when they first came to the markets, mainly because people did not like their taste. These power bars were then reinvented and protein bars came into existence.

The benefits of protein bars included higher protein content, fewer calories and better taste. They started becoming increasingly popular because of their nutritional benefits as well as their taste. Individuals who are on a high protein diet prefer protein bars since they instantly supply protein to the body. Regular meals that also consist of carbohydrates and fat do not really fulfill the goals of the diet. Protein bars provide up to 15 to 20 grams of protein. These protein snacks also contain fruits such as berries and raisins and hence also satisfy cravings for sweet foods.

The fruits contain fructose that satiates the sweet tooth, while also keeping appetite low.

Benefits of Protein Bars –
Protein bars are easy to carry around and can be eaten anywhere. People, who tend to be busy with work and end up missing meals, benefit greatly from the energy supplied by protein bars. They are also readily available in health stores and even grocery stores. They come in many different brands and flavors. One can also prepare homemade protein bars. The benefits of this are absence of preservatives, less sugar, choice of ingredients, low fat, high fiber and lower cost.

Protein Bar Recipes –
Here are some protein bar recipes. For no-bake protein bars, combine a couple of cups of dry oatmeal, half a cup of peanut butter, half a cup of milk and four scoops of protein powder. Mix the ingredients and press the mixture into a flat pan. Freeze for forty minutes and slice into bars. Blueberry and banana bars can be prepared by combining a cup of raw oatmeal, five scoops of protein powder (banana flavored), half a cup of non-fat milk powder, two egg whites, one-fourth cup of fat free cream cheese, a cup of blueberries, one mashed banana, 1 tablespoon canola oil and half cup water. Mix the ingredients and bake at 325F for thirty minutes.

Those who require high protein and for whom weight loss is not the aim, protein bars that are high in carbohydrates may be consumed. For those on weight loss programs, low carb protein bars are a good option. Some popular low carb protein bars recipes include peanut butter protein bars and chocolate fudge protein bars. When buying commercial protein bars it is important to check the food labels properly since different bars are designed for different purposes. Healthy protein bars will not have sweeteners listed as their first ingredient. Protein bars containing whey protein is generally a better option that soy protein because it is of a higher quality. A good protein bar can also be recognized by the effect it has on the body after 20 to 30 minutes.

You should be feeling more energetic and not sluggish. You should also not be experiencing any food cravings for quite some time after eating a protein bar. It is important to note that protein bars should not replace regular balanced and healthy meals. Protein bars are also not a quick method to grow muscle. One still needs to follow proper diet and regular exercise in order to build muscle and stay lean.

Protein Structure

The building blocks of life constitute carbohydrates, fats, nucleic acids and protein.

About 45 percent of the human body is composed of protein. Protein is a vital macromolecule and without it, the human body would not be able to regulate, function or repair itself. Proteins are involved in the most basic functions of life. Proteins are molecules in the cells of the body and are involved in all cellular functions. There is a specific function assigned to each protein in the body. Some may play a part in structural support, while others may be involved in movements of the body or defense against infection.

Proteins differ in structure and function. There are different levels of protein structure and different types of protein functions. They are formed from a collection of twenty amino acids and possess different three dimensional structures.

The different types of proteins include antibodies, which are distinctive proteins that protect the body from foreign invaders, called antigens. These proteins immobilize the antigens so that the white blood cells can destroy them. Contractile proteins are involved in bodily movement.

Examples of contractile proteins are myosin and actin. They regulate the contraction and movement of the muscles. Enzymes are proteins which aid in biochemical reactions. They are also known as catalysts and examples include pepsin and lactase. These catalysts work by initiating a reaction with another protein and themselves and in the process change the other molecule in some manner. The enzymes themselves remain unchanged. Enzymes are known to be part of about 4,000 reactions taking place within the body. Lactase is involved in the breakdown of the lactose contained in milk, while pepsin functions in the stomach and regulates the breakdown of proteins contained in food. Enzymes play an important role in the reactions that occur during digestion, metabolism and DNA replication. Hormonal proteins are referred to as messenger proteins and these help in coordinating certain activities of the body. Examples include oxytocin and insulin. Insulin controls the metabolism of sugar by regulating the concentration of sugar in the blood. Oxytocin promotes contractions in women during childbirth. Structural proteins include keratin which strengthens the hair, and elastin which strengthens the connective tissues in the body such as ligaments and tendons. Storage proteins are used for storing amino acids. Examples include casein and ovalbumin. Transport proteins help to carry molecules from place to place within the body. These include hemoglobin and cytochromes. Hemoglobin is involved in the binding of iron molecules and transporting them from the lungs to the other parts of the body through the blood stream.

Protein Structure Database –

Protein structure can be divided into primary, secondary, ternary and quaternary.

Primary protein structure is defined by the protein or amino acid sequence in the polypeptide chain. Secondary protein structure refers to the specific geometric shape resulting from the intermolecular and intramolecular hydrogen bonding of the amide groups. Ternary structure completely defines the three dimensional structural organization of the molecule. Quaternary structure is the defined structure resulting from the interaction between different protein molecules. Protein structure prediction is the prediction of the tertiary structure of a protein molecule from its primary structure. It is one of the most important tasks carried out in the fields of medicine, especially biotechnology and drug design. A protein structure database consists of the different protein structures that have been experimentally determined. The aim of these databases is to explain and organize the protein structure and provide access to the experimental data for the biological community. The study of protein structure is constantly breaking new ground and this allows for breakthroughs in the treatment of many diseases.

Protein Drink

Protein is an extremely important part of your diet and is needed by your body especially to build up your muscles and if you do not take in adequate quantities of it, you will not be able to build up on them.

All those who are interested in body building know the importance of having protein drinks as it serves as a great diet supplement. People can have a protein shake for a number of reasons and it could be to lose weight and body fat or to build up their muscles.

It is advised that you have protein in its natural form as far as possible, however, there is a lot of problem when it comes to preparing food that is rich in protein due to which the need to take protein supplements arises. There are plenty of protein shakes that are readily available in markets but most of them are very expensive and do not taste very good as they contain preservatives.

This has, therefore, made people to look out for homemade protein shake recipe as it is easy on the pocket and has a better taste too.

A homemade high protein drink of peanut butter and banana can be prepared at home by taking 8 oz of skim milk, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 1 banana and 2 scoops of whey protein powder and mixing all of them together in a blender until a smooth mixture has been formed and then drink. Another protein drink of fruit and yogurt can be made by mixing a cup of strawberries, half a cup of orange juice, a cup of low fat yogurt that is vanilla flavor, one and a half cup of skim milk, 1 tablespoon honey and 2 scoops of whey protein powder in a blender and blend all of them until a smooth mixture has been formed and drink. A protein drink recipe that is made with lemon cheese cake and strawberries is a great option for which you need a cup of frozen strawberries, 4 eggs, 3 scoops of lemon cheese cake ice cream, two and a half cups of milk, and 3 tablespoons of evaporated milk.

A homemade protein drink can be made by taking 4 frozen strawberries, half a mango, half a frozen banana, 1 teaspoon of flax oil, 2 tablespoons of pina colada mix that is frozen, 1 tablespoon of protein powder, 1 Πcup of water and 6 cubes of ice and blending all of them together. This recipe is called the tropical protein shake and can be served in a tall glass.

It is recommended that you have proteins every three hours and if your protein shake is not very thick, you can try adding more frozen banana or add slightly less liquid. A chocolaty and minty protein drink is another great recipe that you can try at home that tastes great and can be prepared by taking 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder, 2 cups of non fat milk, 1 cup of vanilla ice cream that is sugar free, a cup of oatmeal, 1 cup of water and some peppermint extract and mixing all of them in a blender. You should have your protein drink before you go to the gym and even after you are back. However, if you are a person who is suffering from any kind of illness or heart disease, diabetes, problems related to the back and so on, it is best that you consult a doctor before you decide on any change in your diet and lifestyle to avoid further complications.

Max Protein

Body building is an activity that almost every young man wants to indulge in.

Keeping inspirations like Arnold Schwarzenegger or even Jay Cutler, it is a dream of every boy to have a set of biceps like them. There are many ways one can use in order to build their bodies and increase their muscle mass – hit a gym, work out for strenuous hours, follow a strict and heavy diet or hire personal trainers to help you achieve that shape you desire. Now, even DVD’s are available which carry testimony of all those who have worked for years perfecting their body structure.

These videos also contain secret tips and routine workout steps to follow to achieve results beyond imagination. Although it is said to be one of the most boring sports, it takes a tremendous amount of concentration and endurance to cope with the strenuous work outs and keep a strong will in following a strict diet. A very important part of the body building process is the intake of protein food products as it is a critical part to get sufficient supply of proteins when building the body or making an attempt to put on weight.

There are several aspects of protein consumption that should not be ignored – such as how much protein is required while inducing heavy workouts or if the regular three meal routine is good enough to meet the maximum protein need of the body.
Sometimes our daily food routine doesn’t give us enough amounts of proteins, which is why athletes and body builders always opt for maximum protein intake which can be found only in protein enhanced food products. In most cases, these products come in a form of powder which can be consumed either by mixing it with water or adding it to a meal. These max protein powder products are a major source of protein supply to the body as proteins make up every muscle fiber in the body and hence these products inadvertently affect the muscles directly. Muscles are made up of fibers which get micro tears every time it stretches. As athletes work on their muscles, they stretch it to a certain level. This is when they consume protein products to repair the tears without any reduction in the muscle growth. Hence, these muscles can be further stretched to a higher level. Trainers usually recommend one gram of the protein product per pound and overshooting this could cause side effects. Another way to get faster results is by the usage of max whey protein, which is composed of milk proteins that are left over from the cheese making process.

This type of protein is widely accepted as it comes from a more natural resource and is even richer in protein content than the normal protein powders. Whey protein also helps in speeding up the process of healing the micro muscle tears and hence speeds up the process of achieving desired results. Max protein chocolate is yet another type of protein product that helps in speeding up the healing process, however, the only difference it has a better taste.
Apart from these maximum protein products, body building requires a good intake of nutritious meals and more importantly timely work out regimes. Trainers usually recommend a good dose of daily protein needs and not running short; eating from natural protein resources that are slow in digesting and finally not dieting as the calories from meals are what’s required to grow muscles initially. It is important to keep in mind that the body can take higher doses of proteins; however, it is equally important to workout and exercise in order to increase muscle strength. The process of body building is definitely a difficult one but it not is impossible if your will to achieve is strong and your focus stays true.

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