Cholesterol Low Fat Diet

Many people are advised to follow a cholesterol healthy diet as they are either predisposed to develop problems related to high cholesterol or low cholesterol or it is their lifestyle and diet that contributes to cholesterol related problems.

Bad cholesterol or LDL tends to deposit itself on the walls of the arteries of the heart which in turn makes the passageways narrow and makes the heart work even harder. On the other hand HDL or the good cholesterol tends to remove the excess LDL from the blood and carries it to the liver to be disposed; hence a high cholesterol diet plan which has more HDL will result in lesser LDL in the blood. Although in some extreme cases medication may be required to control cholesterol levels, doctors will also recommend that the individual adopts cholesterol healthy eating habits along with regular exercise.

High fiber food such as oat bran and oatmeal are known to be excellent cholesterol healthy foods as they bring about a reduction in the low density lipoprotein on account of the presence of soluble fiber in such foods. The other sources of soluble fiber which can be incorporated into ones cholesterol healthy meals are apples, kidney beans, prunes and barley. Soluble fiber is extremely beneficial as it tends to prevent or lower the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. Another food that should form part of a cholesterol low fat diet are fatty fish such as mackerels, salmon etc which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that tend to reduce the risk of heart attacks and also that of developing blood clots.

Thos individuals who have already suffered heart attacks in the past can be saved from sudden death by incorporating Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. A cholesterol low fat diet should ideally include at least two servings of fish per week for best results against cholesterol and blood pressure. The ideal way to cook these fish is to grill or bake them and thereby avoid adding any unhealthy fats which may dilute the nutritional value of the fish. One may also consume omega 3 or fish oil supplements which should be supported with plenty of vegetables and lean meat. Another food to lower blood cholesterol that should form part of any cholesterol diet plan are nuts, almonds and walnuts that are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that are required to keep the various blood vessels healthy. However nuts are also high in calories and hence one should be cautious while incorporating them in their cholesterol low fat diet and only have a handful of nuts from time to time. Cholesterol healthy it is effective only if it is supplemented with regular and moderate exercise so that ones weight is maintained. One should replace the saturated fatty foods in their diet with unsaturated fats as far as possible and also consume foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates such as fiber and starch. One of the primary goals of a cholesterol healthy diet plan is to eat less saturated fat as fats are the highest sources of calories and this will result in the person becoming overweight and also adversely affect the cholesterol levels.

One of the main sources of saturated fats which is the primary culprit in raising the levels f unhealthy cholesterol are animal fats in the form of cheese, butter, cream and ice cream which should be replaced by their fat free or low fat versions. Saturated fats that are bad for ones cholesterol levels are also found in meats as well as poultry, shellfish and fish. Hence one should always try to substitute saturated fats for unsaturated fats as they tend to lower the cholesterol levels.

Protein Low Fat Diet

One of the most popular diets today is the high protein diet.

It is based on a very simple premise: no matter what goals you set for yourself a protein low fat diet can be beneficial for you. This type of diet works great whether you want to increase muscle mass, put on weight and get big, lose fat and lose weight, or stay lean—no matter what your goal is, a protein low fat diet is a great option to get you there. A protein healthy diet works wonders for different people of different sizes and shapes because of many reasons. The best part about a protein healthy diet is that no matter what your goal is, you will have to make very little changes to it. Let’s look at why a protein balanced diet is most effective.

A high protein low fat diet helps you build muscle.

Our bodies require high quantities of protein. Protein is the very basis of muscle fiber and if you are looking to gain weight, increase muscle mass, or get big, make sure you get yourself a high protein diet plan. In fact if you are simply looking to build and maintain muscle this plan will work for you. Muscle mass increases when you eat protein in sufficient quantities each day. Weightlifting and strength training cause your muscles to break down.

Protein helps your body to rebuild and recover.

Eating a protein low fat diet makes sense because it helps you lose fat and not muscle. Protein healthy foods are not only low in carbs and calories but also low in fats. Such meals are extremely nutritious as well. So by following a protein healthy diet you are actually eating foods that are filling, low calorie, and healthy. Some protein healthy foods include turkey, nuts, beans, eggs and egg whites, chicken, milk, and supplements in the form of bars, shakes, and powders.
So I guess you’re now wondering how much protein you should consume in a high protein low fat diet. Healthy adults are recommended to consume 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. So for instance, if your body weight is about 180lbs, your intake of protein should be about 180 grams, irrespective of you exercise or not. It sometimes becomes difficult to eat a high protein low fat diet everyday, and this is where protein supplements come in handy. These supplements are convenient, quick, and useful and are generally very low in calories.

High protein healthy foods can be extremely beneficial if eaten at certain times in the day. Proteins consumed directly after your workout, in the morning during breakfast, or while going to bed can give positive results. However, at the end of the day what matters most is that you eat a diet that is high in protein and in the right quantities as well. Eating a little bit of protein with each meal can also help as it will keep you feeling full for longer hours and ensure that your body’s needs are met as well.

A protein weight loss diet that is low in carbohydrates helps you burn extra calories.

This happens when your body converts the protein you consume into glucose through a process known as gluconeogenesis. A protein diet when combined with exercise helps both weight loss as well as fat loss. Your blood fat (lipid) levels improve as well. When on such a diet, individuals are better able to control their calorie intake and appetites. This happens because lower levels of hormones that help stimulate your appetite are received by your brain.

Low Fat Diet Plans

Low fat diet plans are one of the soundest ways of losing weight.

Just like low carb diet plans, the low fat diet plans also focus on reducing the amount of calories being ingested on a regular basis. Today our culture is such that fast foods and ready made meals are preferred over traditional, healthier meals. A low fat diet plan in such a case can feel very daunting. However, if you have put on excessive weight or are obese, a low fat diet plan is the best way to lose weight and get back into shape. It is important to remember though, that even if you are cutting down the fat content in your meal, and following low fat diet plans, you will not see a lot of difference in your weight unless you also adopt a regular exercise regimen.

It is often believed that reducing fat content in the diet can reduce the flavor of the food. However, it is not so. This mindset has been created out of habit, since we are used to rich foods and highly refined foods which are loaded with artificial flavors and other additional chemicals. Fortunately, there is a great alarm in the society about rising cases of obesity, because of which many different low fat diet foods have come into the market. Foods which were traditionally rich, like mayonnaise and salad dressings, are today available in low fat varieties too.

Therefore, when you are preparing a low fat diet menu, you probably would not have to forgo much of your favorite foods. You will simply have to replace some of the traditional rich foods with their low fat counterparts. These low fat alternatives of traditionally rich foods do not taste much different and therefore you will not even realize that you are on a diet. This simply means that you do not have to stop eating the things that you enjoy. You simply have to make minor adjustments to your diet and eat fats only in moderation.

Low fat meal plans include healthy portions of all food groups which are considered to be healthy for the body. The simplest way to make a low fat meal is to change the way you cook. Instead of frying vegetables or meats, use other methods like baking, grilling, steaming or sautéing. Instead of animal fats and butter or refined oils use virgin olive oil, which is low in fat content and rich in anti oxidants. The best low fat diet tips anyone can every give you is to change the cooking methods and cut down on the fried foods. Most of the fast foods are rich in fats and therefore should ideally be avoided. Usually, fats are used as cooking mediums in most dishes. If you change the way you cook your food, you can eliminate the need of fat to a large extent. For instance, if you prepare grilled chicken, instead of fried chicken, you can automatically decrease the amount of fat you are using for a particular dish. This does not mean that you should forego fried chicken completely.

Only, that fried foods should be consumed occasionally and then too, in moderation.

A lot of people feel that a healthy low fat diet means boiled vegetables and chicken soup for the rest of their lives. However, this is not so. You do not have to forego your favorite foods simply because you are restricted to a low fat diet plan. A low fat diet usually only needs a few adjustments in your meal plans, and you certainly do not have to starve yourself or eat boiled food.

High Protein Low Fat Diet

High protein low fat diets are gaining in popularity on account of their ability to aid weight loss.

However before embarking on a high protein low fat diet plan one should consider both the benefits and the side effects of the same. Additionally its is always advisable to consult ones doctor before following any diet so that the doctor may suggest and advise if the same is suitable for that particular individual as pert their lifestyle, age, gender and medical history.

The high protein part of a high protein low fat menu will lay emphasis on lean proteins that are found in foods such as beans, eggs and turkey and instead one should avoid foods such as sausage and lunch meat. According to medical professional, the proportion of protein and fat in a high protein low calorie diet should ideally be between 25 and 30 percent of protein with the rest being low fat foods.

Similarly high protein low fat recipes will also require the individual to consume fats that are healthy such as nuts, avocadoes, and olive oil which is one of the healthiest vegetable oils. There are also various other high protein low fat diet foods such as fruits and vegetables which form an integral part of this diet as it provides the individual with various vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants that are required for the maintenance of overall good health of the individual. One of the main benefits of a high protein low fat diet is that it tends to contribute to weight loss which mostly occurs because the individual tends to feel full with smaller portions on account of the intake of foods that are rich in fiber and starch. Additionally a diet that is high in proteins and low in fats also makes the body of the individual more efficient at burning fat on account of the lower intake of carbohydrates which would have otherwise been used by the body as a source of energy. Hence since the intake of carbohydrate sis less the body is compelled to use fats for energy instead thereby preventing the accumulation of fat in the body. A high protein low fat diet also tend to dull the insulin response of the body on account of protein getting converted into glucose at a rate that is much slower than carbohydrates getting converted in glucose.

Hence this diet may at times be also recommended for diabetic who face problems with maintaining their insulin levels. On the other hand one of the concerns of following a high protein low fat diet plan is that sometimes the high levels of proteins may adversely affect the functioning of the kidney which may result in the formation of kidney stones especially observed in young women who have followed such a diet. It is hence advised by most dieticians and medical professionals that a high protein low fat diet menu should be followed by an individual for not more than six months and should not be considered as a long term plan. One should remember that like any type of meal plan, it is best to adjust the portions of the suggested foods by customizing it according to ones lifestyle, health, etc and also consult ones doctor to ensure that is it safe to follow a particular diet plan. Another cause for concern in following a high protein low fat diet is that the high amounts of protein are also known to cause osteoporosis, cancer etc. Research has also shown that a high ratio of protein to carbohydrates tends to have a positive effect on body composition, blood lipids, disease risk etc.

Low Fat Diet Plan

Low Fat Diet Menu – Dietary fats are an important nutrient for the body.

Dietary fats help maintain healthy development of cell membrane as well as skin and hair function. They also regulate hormones and body temperature. However when you consume excess fats, as is true with modern dietary habits, rich in fast foods, it leads to unhealthy weight gain and a number of life threatening illnesses include heart trouble.

The solutions isn’t to cut fat out completely, this will actually have adverse effects on the body. The idea is to control fat intake and to limit it to the healthier fat food groups and to eliminate the unhealthy fat good groups from your diet plan.

This is where low-fat diet foods and low-fat diet plan comes into play.

A low fat diet is planned in such a way as to ensure that you consume only good (or unsaturated) fats and that too in a controlled measure, and to enhance this diet with other vital nutrients like proteins and vitamins best sourced from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Not only does a low fat diet meal plan keep the body healthy, and body weight in check, it also helps improve your overall cardiovascular health. A low fat diet plan is recommended to reduce risks of lifestyle diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Low Fat Diet Plan – The trick to a low fat diet plan is to know which foods to avoid.

Low fat diet meal plans cut out saturated and trans-fats from the diet plan. These foods include processed fast foods, fried foods, red meats, dairy products, and so on. Unsaturated fats on the other hand are recommended as are foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Low fat diet foods include nuts and avocadoes and olive oil, while Omega-3 fatty acids can be sourced from fish like salmon and herring. Consult your nutritionist for a full list of good fats and bad fats. This is especially important in case of special dietary habits rising from restriction or allergies.

Low Fat Diet Tips – The first thing you need to do when considering a low fat diet plan is opt for healthier low fat options for foods rich in fats. Luckily today these low fat diet food options are very easy to find. So when you are at the grocery store opt for skimmed milk and low fat yogurt instead of the regular. Similarly cut down on red meat consumption. Remember, there is no need to go cold turkey here. Start off by cutting down the number of red meat meals in a week and switching these meals to healthier white meats. If your diet relies heavily on meat, put one meat free day into practice. The impact of such low fat diet plan substitutions on health will be immediate and visible.

Once you have the right ingredients consider how to prepare them.

Remember, even small changes like how a meal is prepared (for example baked chicken instead of fried chicken) has an immediate positive impact on the body. A little research will uncover a number of tasty low fat diet recipes to choose from.

A low fat diet plan needs to be managed even when eating out. In fact, it becomes all the more important to consider your food options when dining out so as not to fall off the wagon. Do some research and consult your nutritionist because even small things like what salad dressing you opt for has an impact on low fat diet plan. Opt for low fat options of everything to stay true to your low fat diet meal plans; go for grilled, steamed and baked food instead of fried options.

Low Fat Diet Menu

Low fat diets are known to be more effective than the usual diets when it comes to weight loss as they not only help in losing weight but following a low fat diet menu also helps in maintaining the weight loss.

Low fat diet menus and low fat diet recipes basically consist of foods that are filling and very bulky such as fruits, whole grains and vegetables. These foods tend to have a lower caloric value than those foods that usually contain a high amount of fats. Low fat diet tips also serve an important purpose of lowering the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease which if not checked can be fatal or life threatening.

Low fat weight loss recipes are aimed to ensure that of the total calorie intake required by an individual 25- 30 % if the calories are derived from fats as this ensures that the low fat diet menu is not extremely bland or tasteless which may also result in the person getting de-motivated or uninterested in the diet after some time. One of the primary aims of any low fat diet menu is to ensure that the fat content in the foods that are consumed is kept low. One of the best low fat diet tips is to bake, steam or grill the food as far as possible so as to avoid the use of harmful vegetable oils and also to retain as much nutrients as possible in the foods which may have been lost on account of over cooking.

Saturated fats are those fats that come from animal sources such as butter, egg yolks and cheese. A low fat diet menu should be designed in such a manner that less than 25 percent of fats in ones diet should come from saturated fats. Monounsaturated fats tend to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body and lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and hence should be the main source of fats in low fat diet menus. On the other hand polyunsaturated fats usually come from vegetable sources and are found in a liquid state at room temperature. One of the best such polyunsaturated fats is olive oil. These fats tend to lower the levels of both the bad and the good cholesterol and hence should comprise of not more than 10 percent of one’s calorie intake as part of a low fat diet. Low fat diets are typically recommended by doctors and dieticians to those individuals who tend to have very high levels of blood cholesterol. To follow a low fat diet one needs to be completely aware of what they are eating and get into the habit of checking the labels on the food for the details on cholesterol and fat content. One should also be aware of hidden fats that are usually found in various processed foods such as cakes, cookies, crackers etc.

The next step towards lowering the blood cholesterol levels via a low fat diet is to substitute foods that are high in fats for those that are low in fat and cholesterol. Instead of choosing one should also increase the consumption of foods that are high in complex carbohydrates such as beans, vegetables, whole grains etc as they are rich in fibers and starch which promote good health of the digestive system. One should also evaluate their progress while following a low fat diet menu by monitoring their cholesterol levels from time to time by a professional. Ones primary goal in taking up a low fat diet is to have a steady and gradual lowering of the ldl cholesterol levels as well as the total cholesterol.

Low Fat Diet Recipes

Low fat diet plans basically involve switching high fat foods with low fat foods as part of ones daily meals.

Most low fat diet recipes will not completely eliminate flavorful and nutritious ingredients however the same needs to be simply consume in moderation and replacements have to be used wherever possible. One of the low fat diet tips is to switch whole milk with low fat or skim milk which has a lower fat content and is hence considered to be healthier as well. In fact Low fat diet menus will also contain non fat or even low fat yogurt or ice creams over the full fat versions that are commonly available. Similarly a low fat diet meal plan may also allow the individual to include some fat free cottage cheese to low fat cheese or cream cheese to add flavor to the low fat diet foods.

Most dieticians will always recommend that a regular healthy diet of an individual should not include more than 30 % of calories that should be obtained from fat. However this may be different for different people as on account of medical conditions or certain diseases it may be difficult for the body of the concerned individual to handle even that much of fat. Low fat diet recipes are usually recommended to people who suffer from gall bladder disease.

This is because the gall bladder helps the body to first break down and then absorb fats which is not possible if there are gallstones present or if the individual is suffering from gallbladder disease. Low fat diet plans are also prepared for individuals who suffer from a medical condition called Gastroparesis or delayed stomach emptying wherein the stomach takes too long to empty itself into the intestines. This in turn results in nausea, bloating and even vomiting in some extreme cases. Foods that have a high fat content tend to further interrupt the emptying of the stomach and hence should be best avoided by such people. Low fat diet foods are also a healthy option to prevent or control diarrhea and also prevent malabsorption of nutrients on the body. Those who are planning on going on a low fat diet should ensure that they are particular about how their food is prepared and should ideally trim as much visible fat from meats etc. Similarly the healthy way to cook foods is to either broil, steam or bake meats. In case one needs to add some toppings then they should ensure that pastas or potatoes do not contain any additional fatty foods such as cream and butter.

It is always recommended that any person planning on adopting a low fat diet should first consult tehri doctor and check if the diet is safe for them to adopt especially if they are on some medication or to diagnose any underlying medical condition which may be further aggravated by a low fat diet. Low fat diet plans are also adopted by those looking to lose weight however the same if effective and long term only if it is supplemented with regular exercise. One should also consume plenty of fresh drinking water when on a low fat diet as water is essential for digestion and also makes the individual feel full and satiated for a longer period of time. This is especially helpful because many people may confuse their thirst with hunger and thus eat more. A low fat diet meal plan should be such that at least one meat dish is replaced by a vegetable wish in a week. Low fat diet menus should also include plenty of fish as they are known to be low in fat but high in heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

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