High Protein Diet Plan

A high protein diet plan is typically suggested or recommended by dieticians and medical professionals for those who plan to go into body building professionally or for those who want to lose fat and instead build muscle.

A high protein meal plan is very different from various low carb diets which are known to contain large amounts of fat and do not tend to be calorie controlled. Proteins that are obtained from high protein foods are known to be the fundamental components of all living cells and are hence considered to be the building blocks of the body. High protein diet meals are also required for the maintenance, repair and even production of hair, skin, bones and other organs in the body along with playing a crucial role in the production of hormones and enzymes.

Hence besides a high protein diet menu, proteins form an important part of nay balanced diet plan. In fact a balanced and monitored intake of proteins is also known to help one lose weight effectively. Before starting a high protein weight loss plan one should keep in mind that children typically require 0.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight on a daily basis whereas adults require 60 grams of protein daily.

Some of the major food sources of dietary protein are dairy products, seafood, eggs, seeds and nuts, legumes, soy etc. Most of the foods that have animal sources are also known to be rich in proteins such as eggs, poultry, meat, fish etc. In fact one of the high protein diet tips by dieticians is that seafood be incorporated as one of the sources of proteins in any high protein diet plan as seafood is known to be one of the best sources of proteins with the lowest amount of fats. A high protein diet plan is known to be very effective towards losing weight as it tends to keep the individual feeling full and satisfied for a longer period of time thereby causing them to eat less frequently. Those who tend to consume fewer carbohydrates but more proteins in their daily diet tend to feel less hungry throughout the day which in turn results in a reduction in their calorie intake causing weight loss. A high protein diet is also known to bring about some stability in the blood sugar levels. There are also some specialized high protein meal plans that are designed to focus on bodybuilding. These diet plans typically include protein powders, protein drinks and protein bars. A protein rich diet is conducive to lose weight as the foods that form part of the high protein diet menu tend to give the body more energy.

Proteins are also known to destroy the carbohydrates which in turn reduce the fluid content in the body of the individual. High protein weight loss plans are known to be effective because research has shown that proteins tend to satisfy ones hunger better than carbohydrates or fats. High proteins diets are recommended to those who want to build muscle mass because during intensive training and weight lifting muscle tissue tends to break down. So, in order to rebuild that muscle tissue one needs to follow a high protein diet plan. One should also ensure they eat plenty of protein for breakfast, just before a workout and also as part of their evening meal. However like all diets one should consult with their doctor before following a high protein diet plan because such a diet is known to increase the risk of heart disease in some people and also accelerate the development of diabetic kidney disease as the by-products that are formed during the breakdown of proteins put a lot of pressure on the kidneys.

High Protein Diet Risks

Several people who are trying to lose weight follow special diets that recommend the elimination of carbs.

To make up for the lack of carbs, such diets further suggest that the intake of protein be increased. Diets that are high in protein are known to speed up the weight loss procedure in the short term, by limiting the consumption of carbohydrates. Moreover, protein diets can make a person feel full for a longer period of time, since the body takes longer to digest protein, as compared to fat and carbs. However, there are some health experts and institutions that are aware of too much protein risks and therefore, advise people against such diets.

One of the dangers of too much protein is high cholesterol. In addition to that, too much protein intake is also believed to be a cause of cancer. One of the most common symptoms of too much protein is the increase of allergies, intolerance and allergic reactions towards certain types of food.

High protein diet risks

In case you are following a no carb and high protein diet, it is quite likely that you will shed pounds rapidly.

However, a lot of the weight that is lost is nothing, but water weight. Therefore, there is a very strong possibility that you may regain some of the weight that you lost, when you stop following a high protein diet. Moreover, a high protein diet is not a very feasible long-term option as it does not help a person to change their eating patterns to include healthy eating. In fact, following a high protein diet on a long-term basis can be downright dangerous. Given below are some dangers of high protein diets:

  • People who follow high protein diets for extended amounts of time have the tendency to lose more calcium, as compared to people who follow other balanced and nutritious weight loss diets. Osteoporosis is one of the most common outcomes of lack of calcium.
  • When the body loses a lot of calcium, which is not replaced fast enough, it could also lead to kidney stones.
  • While the objective of a high protein diet is loss of weight, one undesirable side effect that is associated with it, is loss of muscle tissue. Strange as it may sound, when you cut down on carbs and increase your protein consumption to slim down, you body starts burning the protein fuel at a higher rate, which reduces the protein stores in your body.
  • Due to the lack of other vital nutrients, high protein diets have been known to cause irritability, mood swings and headaches in some people.
  • High protein diets can restrict your consumption of fruits and vegetables. However, fresh vegetables and fruits are absolutely essential for the body, as they contain vitamins and minerals that are vital to the proper functioning of the body.

Eliminating certain greens and fruits can lead to constipation, which leads to several other problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and diverticulitis. It could also make you susceptible to a serious condition like bowel cancer.

  • Animal fats are usually an integral part of a high protein diet. However, consumption of excessive meat can increase the levels of fat in the body, thereby leading to heart diseases.
  • Many people are not aware of the fact that a high protein diet can lead to body odor as well as bad breath, due to the accumulation of ketones in the body.

While high protein diets are alright on a short term basis, they could lead to some side effects. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor or a health expert, before switching over to such a diet.

High Protein Diet Side Effects

Protein is an integral factor of any healthy diet, mainly because it is instrumental in the formation of the building blocks of your immune system, blood, muscles and other parts of your body.

People who restrict their intake of fat and carbs for weight loss purposes encourage their bodies to take on protein as a form of fuel, which can be burnt to perform basic bodily functions. Several fitness experts and body builders tout the advantages of a high protein diet. If the body is deprived of the adequate amount of protein, it can lead to several health complications. One of the dangers of the deficiency of protein is that it can cause a condition that is known as kwashiorkor.

This condition leads to stunted growth, loss of muscle mass, weakening of the respiratory and circulatory systems as well as impaired immunity. Therefore, protein is absolutely essential for the proper functioning of the human body.

However, in case you are considering a switch over to a low carb and high protein diet, it is important for you to get as much information as possible about the high protein diet side effects. These diets are popular because they expedite weight loss, in spite of the consumption of foods that are generally high in fat and are therefore excluded from other diets.

While it is not likely that you can cause your body too much harm by following a high protein diet for a short while (say around 3 to 4 months), it is still important for you to know about the side effects of too much protein before you consider this type of a diet.

High protein diet symptoms

There is an ongoing debate on how much protein is healthy and when does the intake of protein become excessive. The amount of protein required by you is directly proportional to your weight. Therefore, the required protein intake differs from person to person. Studies indicate that the average American consumes almost twice the amount of protein that is recommended everyday. These studies also state that people who follow high protein diets tend to consume almost 4 times more protein than what is suggested. This could cause some severe health conditions and side effects in a person. Given below are some common symptoms of too much protein:

  • Bad breath and body odor, which occurs due to the accumulation of ketones in the body.
  • Aches, pains and inflammation in the joints that is caused by the excessive build up of uric acid. This ailment is also known as gout.
  • Constipation, which results from the decreased intake of foods that are high in fiber.
  • Fatigue, due to the loss of muscle tissue. This also leads to muscular atrophy and difficulty in movements.
  • Dehydration, which is characterized by dryness in the mouth, headaches, thirst, dizziness, reduced frequency of urination and a rapid heart beat.

High protein kidney stones

Kidney problems are some of the most common dangers that have been associated with extended high protein diets. High protein kidney problems include the body’s inability to eliminate all the waste products in the right way. This could further lead to kidney stones.

Some people adopt such high protein diets just by looking at a friend or acquaintance that shed a lot of pounds in spite of eating foods that are otherwise considered fattening. However, everybody’s body requirements and tolerance levels are different. Therefore, before altering your lifestyle to include a high protein diet, it is important to check with a fitness expert, as well as a doctor, especially for people who are already suffering from existing medical conditions.

Low Carb High Protein Diet

A low carb high protein diet is one of the best ways to lose weight.

This kind of a diet tends to work in two ways. The low carbohydrate content will help you to burn up more energy at a faster rate when you exercise and the high protein intake will help you strengthen your body from inside by building your muscles and cells, increasing body fluids and regulating your hormones. The most effective way of this diet working is that it adjusts your body’s metabolism in such a way that you body starts burning fat instead of carbohydrates .A high protein low carbohydrate diet helps in toning down your body.

With a high protein diet they body is not able to get the energy from the proteins so the fat in the body is used to create energy. And most of the time the fat in your middle is the first target of your body. So as you regularly exercise on the outside, your body is burning up the energy from the inside.

In this way the fat gets reduced and as the fat gets eliminated, your muscles get shaped and toned up and start giving your body a shape. Therefore this diet is usually recommended for people who are battling excessive weight and have a lot of fat stored up at their belly, things and hips. With low carb high protein diet, the major source of energy is from the high proteins that you eat. Most of our diet always contains high carbohydrate content; most of the foods include rice, pasta and huge amounts of bread. If you want to go in for such a diet then you will have to change to a low carb high protein diet menu for the meals that you eat. For that all you need to do is to substitute you regular food with high protein foods. Like instead of a bread breakfast or cereals try eggs or baked beans or nuts. Turn your sandwich or hot dog lunches to healthy wraps with lots of lean meat and vegetable or try salads with meat and fish. For your dinner try more of baked or grilled meats with lots of vegetables so that you manage to get all the nutrients that you need in a meal.

One of the best ways is to reduce the servings a little and instead of 3 big meals make it around five small serving meals. If you are a vegetarian then you should try the low carb high protein vegetarian diet which is pretty much the same where the meats and animal products are substituted for lentils, beans tofu and soy. These have more or less the same protein content that is found in meats and fish. So you can make your meals by including such foods to make up your high protein and low carb diet. A number of low carb high protein diet recipes are easily available on the web both for such diets whether vegetarian or non vegetarian. But there are certain risks involved is you suddenly change to this diet, your body may not be able to adjust to such a change at once, therefore at first go slow on the diet and then you can take it on to a larger level. When you decide to follow this kind of a diet, at that time set up a meeting with your doctor or dietician so that you will be able to get more professional advice on what kind of low carb high protein foods will help you stick to this kind of a diet and yet will have the right nutritional value that your body needs to be healthy and stay fit.

High Protein Foods

Proteins in your diet are very vital to keeping fit and staying healthy.

Proteins are what help to tone and shape your muscles and make your limbs and hair grow, make your skin supple and strengthen your internal organs. Though usually it is the athlete and body builders who stick to a high protein diet, all of us need to make sure that we get the required amount of proteins in our food. The advantage of a high protein diet is that your body will be able to get its energy from the proteins in stead of the carbohydrates.

Many people who want to lose weight and tone up their bodies are most often recommended to follow a high protein diet so that the body will adjust its metabolic function and be able to burn up the excess fat that is present in the belly, hips and thighs. Combined with regular exercise on the outside, your body will be able to burn up the energy on the inside. In this way the fat gets reduced, your muscles get shaped and toned up and start giving your body a shape.

Therefore sticking to a high protein diet is very effective for those who want to lose weight or the excessive fat and shape up their bodies. Some of the most common high protein foods include: eggs, milk, low fat yogurt, low fat cheese or cottage cheese, fish, lean meats like beef, chicken and pork. In consultation with your health worker you should draw up a chart with these kinds of protein rich foods so that you can plan your meals accordingly. For high protein meals you should try a breakfast with eggs, either scrambled or you could even whip up a Spanish omelette and add a glass of milk or fruit juice. For lunches you could try meat or fish salads or noodles with lots of vegetable and some meat. Dinners can be roasted meat, baked fish or even fried rice. The best way to eat high protein foods and not put on excessive fat is by cutting down on portions and eating 6 small meals in a day. In case you are a vegetarian, there are some high protein vegetarian foods that are equally rich in proteins. Beans and lentils are rich sources of proteins and can easily be made into food that has both taste and nutritive value.

Soy and tofu are also high protein foods that can be used for cooking high protein meals. Apart from these, nuts like peanuts, walnuts and seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc can also be made into high protein snacks along with sprout salads and other kinds of salads. Fruits are also rich in proteins and can be made into instant snacks. Some of the high protein fruits are figs, peaches, coconuts, dates, pineapples, green apples and mandarins but these too should be taken in moderation or else can give rise to high triglycerides. Too much of a high protein diet with no exercise or regulation can have dire effects on you and your body. Research has shown that too much of unrestricted of proteins is capable of making you put on more weight if you lead a sedentary life with out exercise, it can also lead to osteoporosis especially among women, heart diseases and strokes and even in some cases kidney stones can also occur. Therefore when you adhere to a high protein diet make sure you do it after a thorough consultation with your doctor as he will be able to prescribe the kind of diet which corresponds to your weight and your age.

High Protein Low Fat Diet

High protein low fat diets are gaining in popularity on account of their ability to aid weight loss.

However before embarking on a high protein low fat diet plan one should consider both the benefits and the side effects of the same. Additionally its is always advisable to consult ones doctor before following any diet so that the doctor may suggest and advise if the same is suitable for that particular individual as pert their lifestyle, age, gender and medical history.

The high protein part of a high protein low fat menu will lay emphasis on lean proteins that are found in foods such as beans, eggs and turkey and instead one should avoid foods such as sausage and lunch meat. According to medical professional, the proportion of protein and fat in a high protein low calorie diet should ideally be between 25 and 30 percent of protein with the rest being low fat foods.

Similarly high protein low fat recipes will also require the individual to consume fats that are healthy such as nuts, avocadoes, and olive oil which is one of the healthiest vegetable oils. There are also various other high protein low fat diet foods such as fruits and vegetables which form an integral part of this diet as it provides the individual with various vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants that are required for the maintenance of overall good health of the individual. One of the main benefits of a high protein low fat diet is that it tends to contribute to weight loss which mostly occurs because the individual tends to feel full with smaller portions on account of the intake of foods that are rich in fiber and starch. Additionally a diet that is high in proteins and low in fats also makes the body of the individual more efficient at burning fat on account of the lower intake of carbohydrates which would have otherwise been used by the body as a source of energy. Hence since the intake of carbohydrate sis less the body is compelled to use fats for energy instead thereby preventing the accumulation of fat in the body. A high protein low fat diet also tend to dull the insulin response of the body on account of protein getting converted into glucose at a rate that is much slower than carbohydrates getting converted in glucose.

Hence this diet may at times be also recommended for diabetic who face problems with maintaining their insulin levels. On the other hand one of the concerns of following a high protein low fat diet plan is that sometimes the high levels of proteins may adversely affect the functioning of the kidney which may result in the formation of kidney stones especially observed in young women who have followed such a diet. It is hence advised by most dieticians and medical professionals that a high protein low fat diet menu should be followed by an individual for not more than six months and should not be considered as a long term plan. One should remember that like any type of meal plan, it is best to adjust the portions of the suggested foods by customizing it according to ones lifestyle, health, etc and also consult ones doctor to ensure that is it safe to follow a particular diet plan. Another cause for concern in following a high protein low fat diet is that the high amounts of protein are also known to cause osteoporosis, cancer etc. Research has also shown that a high ratio of protein to carbohydrates tends to have a positive effect on body composition, blood lipids, disease risk etc.

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