Healthy Diet Recipes

Eating a healthy diet is important for every individual for not only their physical fitness and health but also for their emotional and mental fitness and health.

Many people have the misconception that healthy diet menus tend to have bland and tasteless food on them and they also believe that following healthy die plans means they have to almost starve themselves and exercise vigorously. However this is not true as most healthy diet recipes tend to make meals very tasty and palatable and the foods are designed in such a way that they tend to keep the individual full for a longer period of time thereby reducing the need to eat often or to snack on unhealthy junk foods.

Healthy diet plan should cover all the five food groups required to maintain a balanced diet and should hence include fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins besides other essential nutrients such as fluids, antioxidants and fiber. Healthy diet recipes are such that that provide the body with all the vital nutrients and thereby aid the metabolic functions in the body whereas following an unhealthy diet may result in the accumulation of harmful toxins in the body which in turn may result in chronic diseases in the long run.

Most healthy diet plans will also provide plenty of healthy easy diet recipes that are easy to prepare with easily available ingredients and will usually recommend one to steam, grill, broil or roast the meats etc so as to maintain their nutritive value and to minimize or eliminate the use of saturated fats such as certain vegetable oils. Healthy diet plans also help one to maintain a suitable Body Mass Index which is required to prevent the onset on debilitating diseases such as cardiovascular ailments, cancer, diabetes, stroke and osteoporosis. Most healthy diet recipes will include foods such as vegetables, fruits, pulses and cereals, dairy, poultry, fish and meat products which is mostly lean meat so as to cover all the foods of the five major food groups. The servings size of the food from each food group will depend on various factors pertaining to the individual such as age, gender, amount of physical activity, body size and one should try and eat a variety of foods that belong to all the food groups as each food group provides the body with a different set of nutrients. The first step to following a healthy diet plan is to break up the diet into small manageable steps and thus set oneself up for following the diet successfully. One should not be overly concerned about measuring the portion sizes or counting the calories and should instead look at the diet from the point of view of variety, freshness and color.

It is always easier to think of dishes which one loves and then to gradually incorporate certain healthy fresh ingredients in the same dish. Healthy diet plans are also easy to follow by not trying to suddenly switching to healthy diet recipes overnight but instead being realistic and making small changes such as introducing a portion of fresh salad as part of one’s daily meals, switching to olive oil from other vegetable oils or butter while cooking. Along with healthy easy diets one should also try an incorporate some amount of exercise and try and follow these exercises on a regular basis and the benefits of exercising are abundant and lifelong. Most people also tend to eliminate or completely ban certain foods from their diet which they may consider to be unhealthy or fattening. However this is not recommended as then one may give in to a craving and over eat that particular food.

Liquid Diet Recipes

Liquid Diet Weight Loss – Liquid diets are a popular option for dieters as a quick and effective solution for weight loss and also for patients recovering from certain medical conditions (like jaw surgery, gastrointestinal discomfort and so on) that make it difficult to consume a solid diet.

In such cases medical professionals recommend a liquid meal replacement diet to maintain nutrient intake to ensure a steady recovery process.
The idea behind a liquid diet for weight loss is to lower calorie consumption immediately affecting weight loss without starving. Despite the drop in calorie intake, the addition of proteins and carbohydrates helps the body remain active and energetic.

Of course a liquid diet for weight loss should not be undertaken individually.

Consult your nutritionist so as not to harm your health. Medical supervision is important because a liquid diet reduces calorie intake to almost nothing, and also doesn’t provide the body with any fats. If pursued poorly or for an extended period of time it may have a negative effect on the body created by an inadequate intake of nutrients.

The Workings of a Liquid Diet – Since a liquid diet is devoid of calories and fat, the body reaches out for the stored reserves of fat, and begins burning these, affecting immediate visible weight loss.

At the same time the body does not starve. It is replenished with the proteins and fibers from the liquid diet. These in turn aid burn stored fat further.
While many followers of the liquid diet consume only liquids during this diet phase – some of the more popular liquid diet recipes include the Lemonade Diet (this encourages dieters to consume only lemonade for a week) and the Three-Day-Juice Fast (this asks that dieters consume only fresh juice (and water) for three consecutive days) – the healthiest way around a liquid diet is not to cut out solids from your diet.

Consult your nutritionist and substitute just one of the five solid meals of your day with a liquid meal replacement diet. If you want the liquid meal to boost weight loss, make sure the remaining four solid meals you consume are well balanced and full of nutrients. Also include some exercise in your day for healthy living.

Liquid Diets – While most pop culture references suggest liquid diets are bland and consist of only clear liquid diets like clear soups and water with cayenne pepper and lemon, that’s not essentially true. Like for a healthy diet, there are a number of options when it comes to a healthy liquid diet for weight loss.

You can change things up with a number of fruits and fresh vegetables as the main ingredients. Mix and match the many different flavors to make a tasty meal of a fruit shake or a vegetable soup. You can also add additional ingredients like lemon juice, cayenne pepper and honey to add that extra punch to the liquid diet.

And once in a while, to keep things fun, you can also use milk and yogurt to make delicious energy boosting milkshakes.

Liquid Diet Recipes – The trick to a successful liquid diet is to plan the meals beforehand, much like a regular diet, to keep things fresh and interesting. Get online and search for different liquid diet recipes and liquid diet shakes. You can use a number of fruits – apples, melons, oranges, berries tomatoes, – and vegetables – cabbage, spinach, carrots, celery, onions, herbs, cucumbers – and paired up with tasty additions like chicken and legumes for soups and yogurt and cereal for toppings on fruit shakes. Also polish the dish off with a sprinkling of pepper or a dash of honey.

GI Diet Recipes

Obesity is such a common problem all over the world that some countries are even going as far as labeling it as a pandemic.

While the first and most prominent aspect of the condition is obviously the effect it has on a persons aesthetic appeal, one should not ignore the fact that a number of serious and life affecting conditions develop as a direct result of excessive weight. For example, obese individuals are prone to a higher risk of heart disease and respiratory illnesses while the quality of their lifestyle is substantially affected by the lethargy and difficulty in movement that creeps in. The difficulty in movement is primarily because of the excess weight applying additional stress on the knee joints as well as limbs, causing the ligaments and other tissues that play a significant role in one’s mobility to suffer greater amounts of wear and tear.

Before getting into the details of how to lose weight and some of the more modern methods of weight loss such as the GI diet plan and GI diet recipes, one should understand the root cause of the condition. It is important to realize that your daily lifestyle plays an important role in the development of the condition such as the kind of exercise that your body gets as well as the food it is provided. Given are very stressful and fast paced lives, it is easy to understand an individual’s over reliance on fast foods as their primary source of nutrition.

However, these foods like hamburgers, French fries and hot dogs hold absolutely no nutritional value and contain nothing more than empty calories that cannot even be utilized by the body to create energy. These empty calories are simply converted into fat cells and stored within the fat tissues of the body.

Before getting into the details of the GI meal diet plan, one must have a brief understanding of what exactly the glycemic index is. The glycemic index was essentially developed after some very in depth research on different foods and how they react with regards to the body’s blood glucose levels. As a result, they are ranked as per the way they affect the glucose levels. The glycemic index does play a significant role in helping fight against medical conditions like diabetes and obesity because of the fact that a number of people are under the impression that they are primarily caused by table sugar – completely ignoring the fact that foods high in carbohydrate content have very much the same effect. Contrary to common public opinion, foods that are high in fat and protein do not generally cause your blood glucose levels to rise all that much. Glycemic load is the component of the glycemic index that is the most important as it takes into account the quantity of carbohydrates (that provide energy by way of starch and sugar without any fiber content). The Gi diet plan foods are divided into three categories based on how they are ranked within the glycemic index.

Foods that are ranked higher are generally processed by the body at a much faster rate with the ones that are processed at a slower rate feature much lower down the table. During what is known as phase one of the GI diet plan, the dieters are usually encouraged to consume foods that are low on the glycemic index to be able to lose weight faster. This phase will stretch for a period of about 3 to 6 months depending on the amount of weight they want to lose as well as the speed at which they want to lose it.

Low Carb Diet Recipes

Carbs, also known as carbohydrates, can be described as the main source of energy for the human body. Carbs are organic compounds, which can be found in many varieties of plant-based food. They are like nutrients that are required by the body. A deficiency of carbs in the body could lead to poor mental performance, muscle cramps and fatigue. Carbs can be of two types – simple carbs and complex carbs. Simple carbs, as the name suggests, can be digested by your body quite easily. Once the simple carbs are digested, it is quite easy for the body to convert them into fat and store them for later use. They are usually found in foods like dairy products and certain fruits, as well as refined, sweet or processed foods which include cookies, soft drinks, honey, jam, jelly, chocolates, cakes, pasta and bread. Because they are unhealthy, simple carbs should be avoided. On the other hand, it takes much longer for the body to digest complex carbs and they are often used up by the body immediately. Complex carbs are often found in foods like brown rice, whole wheat, yams, lentils, root vegetables, oats, chickpeas, potatoes, nuts, sweet corn, parsnips and several whole grain products.

Low carb diet tips

People who are on a diet are often advised to limit their intake of carbohydrates. Following a low carb diet menu can enable you to lose weight and control obesity to a great extent. The total amount of carbs that you consume in a day should not exceed 20g to 60g each day; the amount of carbs present in your diet should be less than 20% of your total caloric consumption for the day. In order to make up for the lack of carbohydrates, it is important to increase your intake of foods that are rich in other nutrients.

There are several diet and support groups that have developed special menus, which are low in carbohydrates. Numerous low carb diet recipes are easily available on the net or through low-fat recipe books. Most such low carbohydrate diet recipes include preparations that are made primarily out of low carb food products. A proper low carb diet menu should include:

Low carb breakfast recipes
Low carb lunch recipes
Low carb snack recipes
Low carb dinner recipes
Low carb diet recipes

Following such recipes is not difficult; however, you need to be careful during the preparation and should make sure that you do not add any ingredients that may contain carbs. Given below is an example of low carb diet recipes:

Roasted Lemon Balm Chicken


Chicken 1 whole or 3½ pound

Fresh sage leaves, divided ¼ Cup

Lemon balm leaves, divided ¼ Cup

Butter, softened ¼ Cup

Garlic powder 1 teaspoon

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Chop up the lemon balm leaves as well as the sage leaves finely together.
Then, place the herbs that you just chopped into a medium sized mixing bowl. Add butter to the bowl. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on top and mix the ingredients in the bowl, until they are evenly mixed.
Rub the herbed butter on the chicken, below its skin. Make sure the breast, leg and thigh areas are well covered. Mix the garlic, salt and pepper powders and rub the skin of the chicken with these spices.
Roast the chicken in a preheated oven for around 30 minutes, before flipping it over and allowing it to bake a little longer.
Remove the chicken from the oven and allow it to cool for a few minutes, before slicing it into pieces.

Before you decide to follow any low carb diet menus, it is advisable to check with your doctor about the feasibility of doing so, especially if you are suffering from any medical conditions.

Detox Diet Recipes

A body cleanse detox is basically the removal of any potentially toxic or harmful substances from the body of the individual.

Although most cleansing detox diets are associated with the treatment of drug or alcohol dependence, detox diet plans are also recommended for diets involving herbs and other methods or techniques of removing or eliminating dietary or environmental toxins for the body of the individual to maintain general good health. The detox diet menu of a detox diet plan is designed in such a manner that it is aimed at clearing toxic substances form the body, elimination of foods that increase the toxin levels in the body or that are known to be allergenic, enhancing circulation to clear toxic substances and even cleansing of the colon.

The main concept or logic behind detox diet recipes and detox cleansing recipes which are part of any detoxification plan is to eat natural and pure foods as far as possible which in turn will enhance and aid the functioning of the kidneys, liver and the lymph. In fact all foods that are known to hinder the regime of detoxification will be strictly required to be avoided as part of a cleansing detox diet.

Detox diets are the centre of many controversies as many medical professionals and dieticians believe that the books on detox diet are more of fiction and less of medical science. Moreover before following a detox diet tips one should be extremely cautious as most detox diets are quite restrictive. There are various Detox diet plans such as the raw food diet, the clean diet, the 4 week detox diet plan, etc. Most detox diet recipes will contain foods or ingredients such as organic foods and drinks, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, at least 2 liters of water per day, whole unprocessed foods such as grains, seeds, nuts etc and various herbs etc. On the other hand most of the detoxification programs will require the participant to avoid certain supplements on account of the amount of additives present in them and also any refined or processed foods. Most people are under the impression that a detox diet would generally last for a couple of weeks at the most however to gain the actual benefits of cleansing ones system or detoxifying the detox diet should be an eating practice that is followed in moderation everyday of the life of the participant.

Many individuals will take up a detox diet plan as a quick fix solution to losing weight; however this is mostly because of the incorrect marketing by the associate companies and is actually extremely unhealthy if followed incorrectly in the long run. A good detox diet menu will emphasize on foods that are known to supple nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that are required to keep the body detoxified. This is achieved by increasing the intake of water and high fiber foods which in turn eliminate the toxins form the body by improving the frequency of urination and bowel movements. Some detox diets along with a specialized menu may also include breathing performances, physical workouts and hydrotherapy whereas other detox diet plans include liver flush, chelation which is basically a method of removing any heavy metals for the blood stream of the individual as well as fasting colon hydrotherapy. Individuals who have never followed a detox diet plan before will need to make sure that their first detox diet plan is easy to follow and is not very restrictive. It is always advisable to consult one’s doctor or dietician before taking up any detox diet so that unnecessary side effects are avoided.

Low Fat Diet Recipes

Low fat diet plans basically involve switching high fat foods with low fat foods as part of ones daily meals.

Most low fat diet recipes will not completely eliminate flavorful and nutritious ingredients however the same needs to be simply consume in moderation and replacements have to be used wherever possible. One of the low fat diet tips is to switch whole milk with low fat or skim milk which has a lower fat content and is hence considered to be healthier as well. In fact Low fat diet menus will also contain non fat or even low fat yogurt or ice creams over the full fat versions that are commonly available. Similarly a low fat diet meal plan may also allow the individual to include some fat free cottage cheese to low fat cheese or cream cheese to add flavor to the low fat diet foods.

Most dieticians will always recommend that a regular healthy diet of an individual should not include more than 30 % of calories that should be obtained from fat. However this may be different for different people as on account of medical conditions or certain diseases it may be difficult for the body of the concerned individual to handle even that much of fat. Low fat diet recipes are usually recommended to people who suffer from gall bladder disease.

This is because the gall bladder helps the body to first break down and then absorb fats which is not possible if there are gallstones present or if the individual is suffering from gallbladder disease. Low fat diet plans are also prepared for individuals who suffer from a medical condition called Gastroparesis or delayed stomach emptying wherein the stomach takes too long to empty itself into the intestines. This in turn results in nausea, bloating and even vomiting in some extreme cases. Foods that have a high fat content tend to further interrupt the emptying of the stomach and hence should be best avoided by such people. Low fat diet foods are also a healthy option to prevent or control diarrhea and also prevent malabsorption of nutrients on the body. Those who are planning on going on a low fat diet should ensure that they are particular about how their food is prepared and should ideally trim as much visible fat from meats etc. Similarly the healthy way to cook foods is to either broil, steam or bake meats. In case one needs to add some toppings then they should ensure that pastas or potatoes do not contain any additional fatty foods such as cream and butter.

It is always recommended that any person planning on adopting a low fat diet should first consult tehri doctor and check if the diet is safe for them to adopt especially if they are on some medication or to diagnose any underlying medical condition which may be further aggravated by a low fat diet. Low fat diet plans are also adopted by those looking to lose weight however the same if effective and long term only if it is supplemented with regular exercise. One should also consume plenty of fresh drinking water when on a low fat diet as water is essential for digestion and also makes the individual feel full and satiated for a longer period of time. This is especially helpful because many people may confuse their thirst with hunger and thus eat more. A low fat diet meal plan should be such that at least one meat dish is replaced by a vegetable wish in a week. Low fat diet menus should also include plenty of fish as they are known to be low in fat but high in heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Low Cholesterol Diet Recipes

Low cholesterol diet recipes do not necessarily mean that you have to eat tasteless food.

Preparing low cholesterol meal plans will help reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease and help improve your overall well-being. You can prepare some tasty dishes that are healthy alternatives to high sugar, high fat and high cholesterol recipes. Of course, the taste of low cholesterol diet foods may sometimes be different from what you are used to, but it won’t be long before you get accustomed to low cholesterol diet recipes. If you find it difficult to stick to your low cholesterol diet plans, it is a good idea to include some low cholesterol dessert recipes also in your low cholesterol diet menu. This is a great way of satisfying the cravings that we have for sweets after each meal.

One of the primary reasons of high cholesterol is being overweight. Hence, another important aspect of low cholesterol diets is using fruits and sweeteners to add that sweet taste to the food you prepare, thereby reducing your sugar intake to lower than what you are normally accustomed to. If you need to use a sweetener in your low cholesterol diet recipes make sure that it is heat tolerant. While buying the product you have to make sure it has “suitable for cooking” written on the label.

If your recipe does not involve any cooking, you are free to use an artificial sweetener of your choice.

You also need to make sure that the concentration of ingredients in your recipes may change from one company or manufacturer to another. For instance in some cocoa powder, the concentration of fat is 0%, while in others it might go up to 7% and even 10%. This can affect the outcome of your recipe. It is therefore important that you are aware of the nutritional analysis of any food items that you buy and make sure you pick up something your low cholesterol diet menu recommends.

Some low cholesterol diets foods that you can use to prepare your low cholesterol recipes include nuts such as pistachios and walnuts. Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins such as salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, and tuna contribute in bringing down the levels of your bad cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) while at the same time raising the levels of your good cholesterol (high density lipoprotein). Oats also helps reduce the bad cholesterol levels and are considered to be very healthy.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while preparing your low cholesterol meal plans.

  1. Cooking dishes such as stews, boiled meat, and soup stock in advance and refrigerating it is a great idea. This way you can remove the fat that has hardened from the surface.
  2. Make sure you trim any visible fat from meat before you cook it.
  3. Avoid organ meats such as kidney, liver, brain and sweetbreads that are very high in cholesterol.
  4. Chicken and turkey are a good alternative to goose and duck that have a higher fat content.
  5. Try avoiding processed meats as they are usually high in saturated fats and salt. Make sure you read the labels before buying meats such as salami and sausage.

Consuming low cholesterol food is definitely beneficial to your health.

However, you need to understand that all your present problems will not necessarily be cured by consuming low cholesterol foods. Also, it does not mean that you will be free from any health risks in the future. Regardless, low cholesterol meal plans when combined with an exercise plan can go a long way in ensuring that you stay healthy.

Protein Diet Recipes

A high protein diet menu is usually recommended by doctors and dieticians to those who are into body building as it aids their efforts to lose fat and build up on muscle instead.

Protein diet plans are distinct for the various low carbohydrate diets that are usually high in fats and are not calorie controlled. Protein diets are also debated upon in the medical circle as they tend to have a major effect and actually contribute towards the onset of various chronic diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease. Many of the protein rich foods such as meats also tend to have a high level of fat which may further aggravate these medical conditions and cause minor ailments such as ketosis and kidney stones as well.

One of the important protein diet tips is to be very careful while substituting high protein foods for healthier foods as the individual may accidentally reduce their intake of vital minerals and nutrients such as iron. Most of the protein diet recipes containing foods that are low in fiber which may cause discomfort and may also disrupt ones bowel movements if additional roughage is not added to the diet which is required to form stools. Most protein diet recipes will contain foods such as peanuts, soybeans, chicken breast, steak, tuna, whey protein isolate etc.

A protein rich diet also helps one to lose weight besides giving the individual energy to perform better. Proteins are required for the healthy growth and development of the skeletal structure of the body and they are also known to kill the carbohydrates which in turn reduces the fluid content in the body. Similarly there are also plenty of low protein diets which are designed in such a manner that they tend to form substances called ketones in the body of the individual and then release these ketones into the blood stream. This results in a process called ketosis which basically refers to the appetite of the individual diminishing. Whey is one of the common ingredients used in plenty of protein shake diet recipes which is a natural protein obtained from cow’s milk. Whey contains plenty of amino acids which provides the body with the necessary proteins minus the cholesterol or fat. Turkey is another lean meat that barely contains any fat and hence I used as part of plenty of protein diet plans. Turkey is usually recommended as part of a main meal, in sandwiches or even in soup. One of the dangers and side effects of a high protein diet is that the body tends to starve itself and will hence try and use the sugars and fats that are stored in the various organs of the body. Although this process in the short term will result in the loss of weight but in the long run will result in harmful side effects such as constipation, fatigue, low calcium levels and low blood pressure.

Fatigue is usually experienced by the individual on a high protein diet somewhere in the afternoon or early evening when the body has use dup most of its energy. This happened because the body is lacking in sugars. The levels of calcium will also decrease drastically in those who are on a high protein diet as the body is not getting sufficient carbohydrates to convert into energy which may also result in the person suffering from arthritis and bone loss in the long run. Most people take up a protein diet to maintain muscles or to help build muscles if the individual is dieting and also exercising. However like any diet it is essential to first consult a doctor.

Diabetic Cooking

For a person diagnosed with diabetes, there’s nothing more important than a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet and exercise.

Diabetic cooking and a proper diet plan can enhance the quality of your life and help you manage your diabetes on a daily basis. Diabetic healthy diet foods can not only help you control your weight but also help prevent other illnesses such as heart problems and high blood pressure.

Being diabetic does not mean that you have to make any compromises as far as your taste and health are concerned. Diabetic cooking does not have to limit you in anyway and be tasteless and flavorless. If you have to live with diabetes, it is important that you wholeheartedly accept diabetic cooking practices.

To do this you have to have a proper understanding of the food pyramid for diabetics. This will ensure that you shop for the right diabetic diet foods. Here are a few diabetic cooking tips that will help you maintain blood-glucose levels that are healthy.

  • Unnecessary cholesterol and fat can be eliminated from your food by using specific techniques for cooking. Stir-frying, poaching and pan searing your food are excellent techniques for diabetic cooking.
  • While making your diabetic meal plans find out which ingredients can be easily substituted.

For instance, check for some low-fat alternatives of dairy products such as skimmed milk and yoghurt while sugarless jams can replace butter. Whole meal pasta, whole grain bread, and insoluble fiber breakfast cereals are good as well.

  • Diabetic meal planning is not difficult. Minimizing the amount of salt that goes into your recipes is one way you can take care of your diabetes. You could use less salt to add flavor to your food and make up for it by adding herbs and spices to enhance the flavor.
  • Your diabetic meal plans should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, dried beans such as pinto and kidney beans, lentils, lean cuts of meat and skinless chicken and other such healthy foods. The focus should be on limiting the amount of fat one consumes. This would in turn help keep your weight down and keep your cholesterol levels low as well.
  • Avoid cooking your food in solid fats that may be high in trans-fats and saturated fats, instead opt for liquid oils for diabetic cooking. Vegetable sprays can be used as an alternative to fat as well.
  • Bread crumbs purchased from the market usually have too much salt content and carbohydrates. Try making your own bread crumbs from low carb bread.
  • Include fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids such as sardines and salmon in your diabetic meal plans. This helps reduce the risk involved with heart diseases.
  • Diabetic meal planning involves stocking artificial sweetener in your kitchen. This can be used to prepare recipes that require sugar.

In addition, make sure that ingredients in your kitchen are healthy and fresh.

  • Trim visible fat before cooking any meat, and avoid organ meats that are very high in cholesterol. Processed meats are usually very high in salt and saturated fats so it is best that you try and avoid them.

Diabetic patients should eat many small meals during the day and avoid eating few large ones. This is because the body’s metabolism rate operates at high levels when you consume smaller, more frequent meals, and as a result of drops and spikes in blood-sugar levels are prevented. People who are diabetic should also avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol. If you need to drink milk opt for a glass of skimmed milk as the fat content in it is lower as compared to other choices. Water is the best drink to wash down all your diabetic cooking with.

Diabetic Diet Recipes

Managing diabetes effectively requires maintaining healthy lifestyle which entails regular exercise, a balanced diet and weight control.

Diabetic diet plans do not really require a severe restriction on the intake of sugars and the same is required on only to ensure a healthy diet overall. Those suffering from diabetes should follow a diabetic diet menu that allows control over the lipids as well as cholesterol levels in the individual which in turn can help reduce various cardiovascular complications by almost 20 to 50 percent. The main purpose of following a balanced diet with diabetic diet foods is to maintain a healthy blood glucose level.

Diabetic meals recipes and diabetic diet recipes usually include ingredients from food groups such as vegetables, starches, fruits, meat substitutes and meats as well as yogurt and milk. One of the diabetic diet tips is to eat almost the same amount of food as usual everyday and preferably at fixed timings. One should limit the amount of sweets and fats that are consumed on a daily basis and also practice light exercises everyday at around the same time.

Diabetes mainly occurs in individuals when their blood glucose levels re adversely affected as blood glucose is the main sugar that is found in the blood and is known to be the main source of energy for the body. If the person is diabetic and does not follow any of the diabetic diet plans then the blood glucose levels can get too high which will make the individual sick. Continued high levels of blood glucose levels may even cause permanent damage to the individual’s eye, heart, foot and kidney as well. Similarly there will also be medical complications if the person suffers for low blood glucose levels which could result in hypoglycemia. A person suffering from diabetes is not able to produce sufficient amounts of the insulin hormone which is required to promote the flow of glucose into the various cells of the body thereby providing it with the required amount of energy. A diabetic diet plan is one which has a suitable mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and fats which are required to provide the individual with all the essential vitamins and nutrients and to also promote an even release of glucose into the blood of the person suffering from diabetes. A well planned diabetic diet menu will not only help in controlling the diabetes in the individual but will also help in keeping the weight of the person in check. A diabetic diet plan will be different for different person on the basis of their age, gender, nutritional requirement, other medical conditions etc. Most diabetic diet tips will encourage the individual to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables and to replace processed grain products with whole grain foods as far as possible.

One should also include fish as part of their weekly meals and should have plenty of fresh drinking water instead of caffeinated or sugar-sweetened foods. However one should also not go overboard with diabetic diet foods as this may also result in weight gain which will further aggravate the condition. Many a times the doctor may recommend diabetic diet plans to be followed independently or along with some oral hypoglycemic drugs or even insulin doses. The primary objective of any diabetic diet is to main an ideal weight in an individual, along with providing the individual with the required amount of nutrients so as to maintain the blood glucose levels. While planning a diabetic diet menu, the dietician will typically keep in mind other possible complications such as high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Abs Diet Recipes

The Abs diet is designed in such a way that it claims to advise people on the 12supposedly power foods which are the corner stone of the Abs diet.

According to the author of the Abs diet book, in order to get ideal abs the dieters should have abs diet meals that focus on increasing the intake of protein and also building muscle which in turn will cause the body to burn more calories. Abs diet power recipes have gained in popularity not only for the aesthetic value of abs wherein one looks more appealing but also because of their ability to prevent various chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. The abs diet plan basically requires the individuals to plan on having six meals in a day of which almost two to three of the abs diet foods should for part of the three main meals.

According to the abs diet consumption of foods from the power foods list should automatically reduce the intake of calories which in turn prevents weight gain as the choice of foods that the abs diet allows mostly allows lean foods.

Abs diet chicken recipes will also usually include plenty of fruits and vegetables along with an increased intake of water. A typical abs diet will also require the individual to consume some abs diet smoothies and shakes that may either serve as a complete meal or as a supplement till the next meal. These shakes and smoothies are full of vitamins and minerals e through natural foods or artificial supplements.

An ideal abs diet along with recommending various abs diet foods and abs diet recipes will also require the individual to start practicing strengthen training exercises at least thrice a week which would typically include abs exercises on two days and some aerobic exercises for two to three days a week. Some of the typical abs diet foods are legumes and beans, spinach, almonds, nuts, green vegetables, whey, lean meats etc. The best kind of nuts for any of the abs diet recipes are almonds besides other nuts and seeds that are also recommended such as avocadoes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc. One should also eat whole grain cereals and bread as these foods are rich in fibers whereas foods like polished rice and corn meal are not conducive to the development of abs as they tend to be very high in carbohydrates. Additionally one may also include beans in various abs diet recipes as all types of beans are known to be rich I proteins, fiber and iron which are required to lose weight and to build muscles. Those who would want to continue having dairy products as part of their daily food should instead switch to low fat or fat free dairy products including yogurt and ice cream.

One should also have plenty of olive oil as part of the abs diet recipes as olive oil will help one burn fat and also keep the individual full which in turn controls the food cravings. Abs diet meals should also include instant oat meal that should be unflavored or in sweetened as oatmeal is known to be a rich source of soluble fiber which is excellent for those who would want to lose weight and also develop abs. Another on of the abs diet foods that is highly recommended for those who want to build their muscle mass is egg protein .

Additionally eggs are also a good source of vitamin B 12 which are required for breaking fat and thereby preventing the accumulation of fat. Similarly lean meats such as fish, chicken and turkey are also recommended to improve the body’s immune system and build muscle.

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