Diet Chart

Breakfast Omelet of 2 eggs, multigrain toast with low-fat cheese and black coffee.
2-3 idlis with sambhar.
Morning Snack 1 cup fresh yogurt (dahi), ½ apple, a handful of almonds or walnuts.
Lunch 2 rotis (without oil or ghee), 1 plate rice, 1 cup dal, ½ cup vegetable or chicken curry and 1 bowl salad.
1 cup cooked rice (without starch) with ½ cup vegetable curry.
Afternoon Snack 1 cup moong bean sprouts, 15 peanuts with salt pepper and lemon to taste.
1 cup yogurt with cut fruits.
1 apple.
Cucumber or carrot slices.
Dinner 1 roti ( without oil or ghee), ½ cup vegetable curry, 1 cup dal and 1 bowl of salad.
1 cup rice (without starch),1 cup of dal and 1 bowl of salad· 1 cup of chicken curry, ½ cup of boiled rice ( without starch), 2 rotis (without oil or ghee) and 1 bowl of salad.
Evening Snack 1 glass milk.
Lime juice·
Watermelon or any other fruit.