Cabbage Soup Diet Recipes

The problems posed by obesity or even simply being overweight have only become more prominent over the last few years because of the fact that the condition has spread so rapidly – causing a number of countries to label the condition a ‘pandemic’.

There are a number of factors that have led to this outbreak of obesity including the advancement of technology meaning that the amount of physical labor and movement is significantly reduced in order to complete certain tasks. Another very important aspect that should not be ignored is the fact that the highly stressful and hectic lives that most of us lead means that fast foods such as burgers and hot fogs are becoming more of a regular meal than a snack.

It is easy to understand this taking place because most of us do not really have the time to be able to prepare a nutritious meal and simply purchasing a hot dog or burger on the way to some important business meeting is so much more convenient. However, the effects that this habit has in the long run should never be underestimated as it will significantly affect your overall lifestyle.

Problems like lethargy in ones movement as well as respiratory and heart diseases are very prominent conditions that are significantly influenced by obesity. In order to better understand how a poor diet influences obesity, one must know of the primary contributors in a healthy diet. A good diet will provide the body with the right amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals while calories are also a very important part of a persons daily diet. Unfortunately, because of a lot of misinformation, calories are a highly misunderstood concept. People tend to simply assume that calories any amount of caloric intake are going to influence additional weight when calories are actually the primary building blocks of the energy that the body requires in order to be able to carry out the physical tasks over the course of the day. The problem arises when an individuals consumes excessive amounts of calories than his or her body requires – in which case the excessive calorie count is converted into fat cells in the body and stored among cells all over the body.

It is primarily because of the widespread effect that weight gain and obesity have all around the world that a number of cabbage soup recipes have sprung into prominence.

Cabbage soup recipes can be found in a number of sources including the internet as well as your local book store and most of these will have some very important information such as the cabbage soup diet nutrition facts as well. While the most prominent advantage is the fact that cabbage soup will help you lose weight fast, the downside is that it lacks any significant taste while some people that have tried a cabbage soup diet for weight loss have complained of feeling light headed and weak as well as a tendency to suffer from decreased concentration. People that are happy with the cabbage soup diet, however, testify to it being a very effective method of weight loss. There are a number of methods when it comes to dieting. Some prefer to choose the slow and steady mainstream diet, much like the cabbage soup method, while others prefer the crash dieting method. While the crash dieting method is very fast and likely to show you the results better, the amount of disturbances it causes in the hormones within the body is significant and causes a person to put on weight even faster if he or she ignores the diet a little later on.

The New Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is a diet that is usually done for 7 days and helps one in losing weight extremely fast.

The new cabbage soup diet is not advised for long term weight loss. The cabbage vegetable soup diet is a high fiber and low fat diet that helps a person to get into shape as fast as possible. It is however recommended that one get in to shape later with a more moderate form of long term eating plan. The mainstream diets unlike the new cabbage soup diet recipe work slowly but are usually successful. They normally result in one losing about a pound of weight in a week. It is always recommended by dieticians and weight loss specialists that one uses the slow and steady program to lose weight with.

The downside to the slow and steady program is that people may lose hope and interest if they are not able to see results quickly. The key steps to the lose weight cabbage soup diet is to follow the diet steps religiously. One should also drink 4 to 8 glasses of water in a day to prevent dehydration. It is also advisable to complement the diet one is following with a multivitamin tablet. It is also recommended that one should not starve themselves but should eat as much cabbage soup as they want. One can try some cabbage soup diet recipe variations to help spice the meal up.

The new cabbage soup diet recipe and the old cabbage diet soup recipe are the same. There are only a few changes or twists to the new recipe. They are however both very low calorie soups that mainly consist of one eating lots of cabbage. This cabbage soup diet helps one to cut lots of the calories drastically and fast. Hence, the weight loss that the person experiences is also highly dramatic. The results of the new cabbage soup diet are short lived. This diet cannot be sustained for an indefinite period. The idea is to eat as much as one wants with out ever felling full. One can eat fruit along with the cabbage soup. However bananas are not permitted. One can also eat plenty of vegetables. Potatoes are not permitted as part of the diet. On the first day one can consume fruit along with the cabbage soup. On day 2 one can eat vegetables and as much cabbage soup as they want. On day 3 one can eat both fruit and vegetables along with the cabbage soup. On day 4 one can eat bananas and drink some skimmed milk along with the cabbage soup. On day 5 as part of the cabbage diet one can also eat beef and tomatoes. On day 6 of the cabbage soup diet one is allowed to eat beef along with vegetables.

However no potatoes are allowed. On day 7 the diet permits the person to eat brown rice along with vegetables. Most of the recipes in existence for cabbage soup will vary based on onions, tomatoes, celery, bell peppers and carrots. The result of this kind of diet of cabbage soup usually has short term results. The weight that is lost by following this kind of a diet is usually gained back fairly quickly. This soup can be cooked and stored for a few days at a time. This diet is considered a simple diet that one can follow to help in losing weight quickly. Some people however find this soup quite bland and others also complain of feeling dizzy or light headed and weak. Others suffer from a decrease in their concentration levels.

7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet

The 7 day cabbage soup diet is a diet plan that is known to promote quick weight loss.

It is not advisable to follow this plan for more than a week and if you wish to you can take a short break and then follow it for the next seven days. The diet is called the cabbage soup diet as one is required to consume large amounts of cabbage soup but there are also several other foods that have to be included. Many people believe that they will experience superior results if they have nothing but cabbage soup for the entire week, however, this is not a wise decision as this will lead to severe nutritional deficiencies. There is also a specific 7 day cabbage soup diet recipe that you should use to prepare the soup as it contains an assortment of vegetables that add to the nutritional value of the soup.

On the first day of the 7 day cabbage soup diet plan, you will need to have plenty of fruits throughout the day and large servings of cabbage soup should replace your daily meals. Make sure that you do not have colas and other artificial drinks and juices and instead you can have herbal teas and fresh fruit juices.

It is advisable to avoid bananas on the first day but instead include an assortment of fruits that are high in fluids and fiber. This would include fruits like watermelon, peaches, apples, and cantaloupe. On the second day, you will need to have plenty of raw as well as cooked vegetables. All your meals for the day should consist of large servings of salad. You can include vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, kale, spinach, broccoli, and cucumber in your salad. Do not use cream based salad dressings and instead you can use homemade vinaigrette made with olive oil, lemon juice, and a few pinches of black pepper powder.

You should also have plenty of cabbage soup but do not have any fruit. You would also need to avoid certain foods like corn, peas, and dry beans as they are tougher to digest and can cause bloating. You may have a large baked potato with a pat of butter for your dinner as this will provide a minimal amount of carbohydrates and fatty acids that your body requires. On day three of the cabbage soup diet plan, you will need to have both fruit platters and salads. You will also need to have a few bowls of the soup during the course of the day. Do not include the baked potato with butter on the third day, and make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day. On the fourth day, you will need to have plenty of bananas and milk. This is extremely nutritious as both milk and bananas are very rich in several vitamins, minerals, and several other nutrients. Do not have too many bananas at one time as this could cause indigestion. Make sure that you have no more than 2 bananas at a time with a total of 8 bananas in the course of your day. It is better to use skim milk instead of full fat milk. You do not need to have fruits and vegetables but make sure that you have plenty of cabbage soup. The bananas and milk will help to reduce your craving for sweets. On day five of the 7 day cabbage soup diet, you will need to have plenty of tomatoes along with about 20 ounces of fresh beef. The diet that you have followed over the last four days will cause a rise in uric acid levels in your blood. Make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day in order to flush your system and get rid of the excess uric acid. You should have about 5 to 6 fresh tomatoes during the day as this will help to lower uric acid levels. If you wish to, you can substitute the beef with an equal amount of skinless chicken.

On day six, you can have beef again along with plenty of green leafy vegetables and salads. Make sure that you have at least one of two servings of the cabbage soup. On day seven which is the last day of your 7 day cabbage soup diet you can have brown rice along with steamed vegetables with a large fruit platter as dessert. Have a large bowl of cabbage soup at least once or twice during the day.

The cabbage soup diet for weight loss is a diet plan that will help to reduce your daily calorific intake but will ensure that you still get the nutrients your body requires. In order to lose weight, the cabbage soup diet must be followed religiously without any deviation.

Cabbage Soup Diet Weight Loss

In today’s fast paced and hectic world, it is easy to understand the over reliance on the convenience of easily available fast foods such as burgers and hot dogs becoming more of a regular meal and even staple diet for most people.

While they are meals that are gratifying in the short term, one should not under estimate the impact they will have on his or her lifestyle in the long run. Most people believe that they will be able to deal with obesity and prevent it if it starts to develop in their bodies. However, this is one aspect of health in which being proactive is definitely going to reap benefits.

The problem with obesity is the fact that it is going to creep up on you and indulging in those delicious fast foods is going to become so much of a habit that you are probably not going to notice the weight gain until it is already almost out of control. While everyone is aware of the fact that a healthy diet requires a decent combination of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, calories are perhaps the most misunderstood aspect. Due to misinformation, most people simply assume that any kind of caloric content is harmful and will contribute to weight gain.

However, calories are actually very important dietary requirements as well as they are the primary building blocks of the energy that the body requires to produce in order to carry out any physical labor over the course of the day. The problem sets in when an individual has consumed an excessive amount of the calories – causing the body to convert the additional amounts into fat cells and distributing it among the fat tissue all over the body. As a direct result of the widespread problem of obesity all over the world, a lot of diet plans of varying efficiency have come into prominence. It is important to understand that because we are all different individuals with differing hormonal levels as well as metabolism rates, just because one diet plan worked on a friend or relative, there is no guarantee that the same one is going to work on you. Stress levels as well as lifestyle also play a key role. As a result, one is probably going to have to try out a few diet plans before he or she finds one that appears to be most effective.

One of the most effective one is the cabbage soup diet for weight loss. The cabbage soup diet for weight loss recipe is one that primarily caters to short term weight loss and is a 7 day diet plan that will need to be followed very strictly in order to achieve the promised results. All that is required to create the concoction is to slice about 6 large green onions and put them in a pot to sauté with some cooking spray.

Then proceed to cut the end off a green pepper stem before cutting the pepper in half and adding it to the pot after having removed the seeds and membrane. The outer leaves f a cabbage should be peeled off and cut into bit sized pieces before being added to the pot. Once this has bee done, you ca slice a few carrots and mushrooms while also using some chicken or beef bouillon cubes for seasoning. Add about 12 cups of water, put a lid on the pot and heat on a low flame for a period of about 2 hours. While the obvious advantage of this low calorie cabbage recipe is that you will lose weight real fast, some individuals that have tried it have said to have experience some sort of light headedness or even weakness while decreased concentration is another common complaint. Although the low calorie cabbage soup diet is not one that should be adhered to for a longer period of time, it can help you ease your body onto a moderate diet to help improve long term weight issues.

Cabbage Soup Detox Diet

The cabbage soup detox diet rose to fame as a fad diet, when many celebrities began claiming that the secret to their fitness and health was the regular detoxification using the cabbage soup diet.

The cabbage soup detox diet became so popular not only because it claimed to be able to cleanse the body of any lingering toxins, but also because it claimed it could help burn off calories as well. Millions of people all around the world experimented with the cabbage soup detox diet after celebrities claimed that they had been able to get in shape using this diet after following it only for a few days.

For those who have struggled with digestion problems, cabbage soup has been used to improve metabolism and promote healthy dieting. In the cabbage soup diet cleanse ritual, however, it is recommended that you should consume as much of cabbage soup as possible. The cabbage soup cleansing diet is usually followed for a week and it can help you shed off some extra pounds as well as cleanse your body internally.

Cabbage soup diets have to be planned properly because they can leave you hungry. If you suffer from any illness or disorders, it is best to consult with your doctor and check whether a cabbage soup cleansing diet will aggravate your condition.

Here are some cabbage soup diet tips:

On the first day, try to consume as much cabbage soup as you possibly can. This helps in satiating you for the first day. Do not worry about caloric intake as cabbage soup is not rich in calories and therefore is safe to consume.

There is also no risk of putting on additional weight. You can add fruits to your diet if your doctor advises you to eat something solid. However, make sure you skip bananas as they have a high calorie content.
On the second day, continue consuming cabbage soup but also include some vegetables. Carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes are ideal for consumption on the second day as they will aid in the detox process. These vegetables add bulk to the diet due to high content of fiber, and also replenish the body with the required energy as well as essential nutrients.
The third day, again consume cabbage soup primarily, along with fruits and vegetables. Skip potatoes and bananas as they are high in calories and would render the diet unsuccessful.
Fourth day, consume cabbage soup, this time along with bananas. Since in the past few days, you have created a calorie deficit, eating bananas would equalize your calorie consumption. Try to eat at least 6-7 bananas, along with skimmed milk. Throughout the diet, the cabbage soup diet recipe remains the same.
On the fifth day, you can consume cabbage soup along with a small portion of beef and three to four tomatoes. Beef is added on the fifth day to increase the protein content in your diet. Protein is vital in the repair of damaged tissues in the skin and therefore about 200 grams of protein in the form of beef or poultry can help you bring your diet back to balance.
On the sixth day, you can consume cabbage soup along with as much of fruits, vegetables and beef that you want. The sixth day poses no restrictions on the amount. During this day, you can get your fill of calories.

However, made sure that you trim the fat off the beef before cooking. Ideally, you should increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits, while keeping the consumption of beef low.
On the last day of the diet, consume a lot of cabbage soup along with fruits and vegetables. Choose fruits with high fiber content, like papaya or pineapples. Raw vegetables are better than cooked ones. Boiled or sautéed vegetables are better than fried vegetables.

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